NSF SAGE Facility PH5WS resp Web Service Documentation


The ph5ws-resp webservice gives access to instrument response metadata held in the IRIS-DMC’s PH5 archive. The response information is returned in the RESP format. The service can return responses for a channel, one or more channels under a location, or one or more channels under a station.

Below is a full list of service parameters and their usage.

Query Usage

/query? (channel-options) [date-range-options] 


channel-options 	::	net=<network> & sta=<station> & loc=<location> & cha=<channel>
date-range-options 	::	[time=<time>] | [start=<time> & end=<time>] | [start = <time> ] | [end = <time>]
(..) required parameter
[..] optional parameter

All parameters must be separated by ampersands (&) as demonstrated in the samples below.

Sample Queries

Detailed Descriptions of each Query Parameter

parameters examples discussion
Channel Options — Required These options allow you to specify station, network, channel and location.
net[work] 5A Regular network (ex. 5A)
sta[tion] 1 Station code
cha[nnel] DPZ Channel code. Wildcards are accepted.
loc[ation] Location code. Use -- instead of spaces. Wildcards are accepted.
Temporal— constraints may be specified through the use of either time or [ starttime and endtime ] . If no time is specified, then the current time is assumed.
time 2018-03-12T15:40:41 Find the response for the given time. time cannot be used with starttime or endtime
start[time] 2018-03-12T15:40:41 Start time
end[time] 2018-05-08T19:28:57 End time


Retrieve the WADL associated with this service:


Date and Time Formats

Year, Month, Day in Month — Time:

YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.ssssss] ex. 1997-01-31T12:04:32.123

YYYY-MM-DD ex. 1997-01-31 a time of 00:00:00 is assumed


YYYY	:: four-digit year
MM	:: two-digit month (01=January, etc.)
DD	:: two-digit day of month (01 through 31)
T	:: date-time separator
hh	:: two digits of hour (00 through 23) (AM/PM NOT allowed)
mm	:: two digits of minute (00 through 59)
ss	:: two digits of second (00 through 59)
ssssss	:: one to six digits representing decimal fractions of a second, down to microseconds

Problems with this service?

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