NSF SAGE Facility Web Services

These services may be used under NSF SAGE Facility Terms of Service in accordance with our Usage Guidelines. Usage of the services and data in publications should cite the services according to our citation instructions and data by network.

Services implementation: PH5WS

Request tools

Service interface Version Summary Return options



metadata for time series data stored in PH5 format



active and passive source time series for data stored in PH5 format



active source event metadata for time series data stored in PH5 format



Service for returning time series data availability

  • Text
  • JSON
  • Request



instrument response information evaluated from IRIS metadata

  • ASCII : frequency-amplitude-phase
  • ASCII : complex-spectra
  • Bode style plots



channel response information



The IRIS Data Management Center’s PH5 web services provide FDSN compliant access to PH5 data and metadata at the IRIS DMC. FDSN Specifications can be found here

Web services can be accessed in a number of different ways:

  • Small requests can be handled through your browser.
  • Dedicated clients are available for making more complex or larger queries.
  • Various schemas are available for download.
  • Automated or scripted requests can be made using programs such as wget or curl.

A webservices mailing list (with archive) is available. Users of these services are encouraged to sign up for the mailing list to receive announcements of services changes and interruptions, beta releases and to take part in discussions related to the services or ask for help.

For more information about the PH5 data format please see the PH5 GitHub wiki.

A nice tutorial on the PH5 services and how to access data with the FetchData client has been provided here: PH5 Tutorial

Real time data

All open data arriving in (near) real time at the IRIS DMC are available from the DMC’s SeedLink server.

The web services should not be used to retrieve continuous, real time data via repeated polling. Instead, the SeedLink server should be used when continuous data streams are needed.