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The traveltime webservice calculates travel-times for seismic phases using a 1-D spherical earth model.

Below is a full list of service parameters and their usage.

Query Usage

There are three ways to specify distance:

/query? (distdeg=<degrees>) [evdepth=<km>] [model=<iasp91|prem|ak135>] [phases=<phaselist>] [format] [output-params]
/query? (distkm=<km>) [evdepth=<km>] [model=<iasp91|prem|ak135>] [phases=<phaselist>] [format] [output-params]
/query? (evtloc=<LatLonPair>) [evdepth=<km>] (staloc=<LatLonList>) [model=<iasp91|prem|ak135>] [phases=<phaselist>] [format] [output-params]


output-params 	::  [noheader=<true|false>] [traveltimeonly=<true|false>] [rayparamonly=<true|false>] [mintimeonly=<true|false>]
LatLonPair 	::  [latitude,longitude]
LatLonList 	::  LatLonPair1,LatLonPair2,...,LatLonPairN
(..) required parameter
[..] optional parameter

The square braces “[]” around the LatLonPair latitude and longitude are required.

All parameters must be separated by ampersands (”&”) as demonstrated in the samples below.

Sample Queries

Detailed Descriptions of each Query Parameter

parameters examples discussion default
model prem Name of 1–D earth velocity model to be used. Available models include:
iasp91 — by Int’l Assoc of Seismology and Physics of the Earth’s Interior
prem — Preliminary Reference Earth Model
ak135 — Kennett, 1997
phases p,P,S,PKP,p410s Comma separated list of phases1, defaulting to p,s,P,S,Pn,Sn,PcP,ScS,Pdiff,Sdiff,PKP,SKS,PKiKP,SKiKS,PKIKP,SKIKS
See TauP documentation for more information
see discussion
evdepth 20.0 The depth of the event, in kilometers. 0.0
Geographical Parameters — Required
distdeg 57.4 Great-circle distance from source to station, in decimal degrees. Specify multiple distances as a comma-separated list
distkm 100.0 Distance between the source and station, in kilometers. Use commas to specify multiple distances
evloc [30.1,-120.0] The Event location [lat,lon] using decimal degrees. Used in conjunction with staloc
staloc [42.0,-150] Retrieve phases for this comma separated list of station locations Ex. [lat1,lon1],...,[latN,lonN]
Two text-based and one image-based output formats are available.
format text Specify output format. Valid formats include text, json, and svg.
If format=svg is specified, a SVG image file is returned showing the raypaths traveling through concentric circles, representing layers of the Earth.
Please note that some web browsers might not render the image in the browser and may instead download the file to your workstation.
Output Parameters
By default, values are returned in fixed width columns. more detail
noheader true Suppresses header from the resulting table false
traveltimeonly true returns a space–separated list of travel times, in seconds. Note2 false
rayparamonly true will return a space-separated list of ray parameters, in sec/deg. false
mintimeonly true will only retrieve the first arrival of each phase for each distance false


1 Valid arbitrary phases can be made up e.g. sSKJKP, but invalid phases will be ignored.

2 Travel times are produced in ascending time order regardless of the order in which the phases are specified


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