Help: metadatachange v.1


The metadatachange service returns information related to historical changes that have been made to SEED metadata. Results are returned in XML only. Metadata changes can be searched by SEED channel constraint parameters, time of metadata change, or type of metadata change


The metadata tracking system monitors metadata from the DMC’s fdsnws-station service, tracks significant changes and stores them in a database. Only identified classes and specific details of metadata are tracked (see below), other, generally inconsequential details are not recorded.

The tracking system checks for updates to metadata once per hour.

Metadata Changes: Class, Detail and Schema Location

The table below describes all metadata changes tracked. A simple, 2-level hierarchy of Class and Detail is used to identify changes and allow for selection based on specific characteristics. At a fundamental level, the tracking system is based on FDSN StationXML as produced by the DMC’s fdsnws-station service. This table further identifies which schema elements correspond to tracked metadata.

Class Detail Schema Location
Station Added N/A
Removed N/A
StartTimeChange Network:Station
EndTimeChange Network:Station
Channel Added Network:Station:Channel
Removed Network:Station:Channel
StartTimeChange Network:Station:Channel
EndTimeChange Network:Station:Channel
StationLocation Latitude Network:Station:Latitude
Longitude Network:Station:Longitude
Elevation Network:Station:Elevation
ChannelLocation Latitude Network:Station:Channel:Latitude
Longitude Network:Station:Channel:Longitude
Elevation Network:Station:Channel:Elevation
Depth Network:Station:Channel:Depth
ChannelOrientation Azimuth Network:Station:Channel:Azimuth
Dip Network:Station:Channel:Dip
ChannelData SampleRate Network:Station:Channel:SampleRate
ChannelDescription SensorType Network:Station:Channel:Sensor:Type
ChannelSensitivity Value Network:Station:Channel:Response:InstrumentSensitivity:Value
Frequency Network:Station:Channel:Response:InstrumentSensitivity:Frequency
Polynomial Network:Station:Channel:Response:InstrumentSensitivity:Polynomial
InputUnits Network:Station:Channel:Response:InstrumentSensitivity:InputUnits:Name
OutputUnits Network:Station:Channel:Response:InstrumentSensitivity:OutputUnits:Name
ChannelSensor DigitalResponse Network:Station:Channel:Response:Stage1
ChannelDigitalResponse DigitalResponse Network:Station:Channel:Response:Stage2-N

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